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Process modification for DBIDS access associated with SWRMC administered contracts.

In accordance with Commander, Naval Installations Command policy; “All contractors, vendors, and suppliers must have a Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) credential for base access.”

SWRMC will only sponsor DBIDS credentials for companies attached to SWRMC administered contracts. SWRMC-sponsored companies must submit all requests for access to any U.S. base or facility, regardless of its geographic location (East Coast, West Coast, Japan, etc.), to the SWRMC Industrial Security Team.

SWRMC Industrial Security Team POC’s:
Industrial Security Lead - Milton Connery:

Primary POC for company’s A-I – Gerard Lorenzo:

Primary POC for company’s J-Z – Eric Edquilang:

The SWRMC DBIDS process:
Subcontractors (SUB) must submit DBIDS requests through the Prime contractor (PRIME). SWRMC will only accept DBIDS requests from the PRIME.

  • SECNAV Form 5512/1
  • CNRSW G2 Spreadsheet
    1. PRIME/SUB - Complete a Commander, Navy Region Southwest (CNRSW) G2 Spreadsheet.
    2. PRIME/SUB - Complete a SECNAV Form 5512/1 for each individual listed on the G2 Spreadsheet.
    3. SUB only - Submit both forms to the contract PRIME with requested DBIDS start and stop dates.
    4. PRIME only - Validate that the SUB’s Performance of Work is associated with a SWRMC administered contract and the start/stop dates encompass only the amount of time the SUB will be working on that specific contract.
    5. PRIME only - Submit validated G2 Spreadsheets and SECNAV 5512/1 to SWRMC via email ( .Include associated SWRMC contract number and start/stop dates in the body of the email.
    6. SWRMC will provide an email receipt to PRIME once DBIDS request is submitted to CNRSW.
    7. PRIME/SUB - Contact the Pass and ID Office to determine if DBIDS is ready for issue. DO NOT CONTACT SWRMC. CNRSW does not provide SWRMC any information regarding completed DBIDS. Wait times vary depending on the individual base Pass and ID Office procedures.
      1. Estimated Wait times:
        1. Naval Base San Diego and Naval Base Point Loma (3-5-day waiting period).
        2. Naval Base Coronado (15-day waiting period).
    8. PRIME/SUB - All employee DBIDS waivers must be requested directly from the Pass and ID Office. SWRMC is not involved in an installation’s waiver process.

    SUBs will be granted DBIDS for up to one year or end of contract – whichever is sooner.

    • If a SUB is working on a contract for longer than a year, this process must be completed on a yearly basis.
    • SWRMC will only accept re-validated G2 Spreadsheets and SECNAV 5512/1 forms for DBIDS that are within 30 days of expiring.

    PRIMEs will be granted DBIDS for up to one year or end of Contract – whichever is sooner. Important: The SWRMC Industry Team must be notified of all changes (contract expires, company no longer requires access, debarred, etc.). Please provide a CNRSW G2 Form to revoke DBIDS. Additionally, send email deletion requests to to remove ship access.


    SWRMC Ship Access Contacts:

    Industrial Security Lead:

    Visitor Control:
    (619) 556-5534
    (619) 556-5552
    (619) 556-2670
    (619) 556-7544

    Form: Ship Visit Request (SHVR) SHVR form (updated 03/2021) (updated 03/2021) (Contractor & Government use same form)

    Visitor INBOX:

    Industry Contractors: SWRMC processes “all” Contracted Ship Maintenance and Modernization access lists for the Southwest Region (NBSD, NBC, NAB, NBPL, CAMP PENDLETON).

    Government: SWRMC process Government visits supporting Maintenance and Modernization Ship visits.

    Submit early: Prime Contractor must Submit SHVR form when contract is awarded to avoid access delays with “contracted start and end dates”. Last minute submissions are not processed as urgent, please plan ahead.

    Provide Copy of signed Contract : SWRMC does not hold copies of all Government issued contracts. Provide electronic copy of signed Contract cover page AND Period of Performance page (POP) date. Submit with your SHVR visit form to avoid delays.

    Subject Line Format: [SHIP to visit] / [Prime Contractor]/Expiration of ship visit. Contractor example: USS BOXER / AMEE BAY / EXP: 09SEP19 Government example: USS AMERICA / NSWC PHD /EXP: 04AUG19

    Send separate e-mails for the following actions:

  • New/Initial Request, Changes (Start/End dates, etc.),
  • Additions, Deletions. Submitter will receive an email receipt as follows:
  • Accepted and will reflect on the next regularly scheduled Master List
  • Rejected (errors that will need to be corrected)
  • Ship Access MASTER LISTS are released every Monday and Thursday by COB, until further notice.

    Other Access:

    SWRMC Bldg access:

    Send Visit Requests via DISS with the following info:

  • SMO CODE: 552366
  • Visit Start and End Dates
  • Reason for Visit
  • Classification level of visit (if applicable)
  • Foreign Visit Requests:

    Visits by Foreign Nationals must be submitted to their embassy in accordance with Navy International Program Office (NAVY-IPO) requirements and NISPOM Chapter 10 (section 5)

    Canadian Visitors:

    Require an approved DD Form 2345. Faxes and Letters requests are not accepted.

    Commercial Shipyard Access:

    BAE SDSR: (619) 359-5452

    HII SDSY: (619) 234-8851, x215

    NASSCO: (619) 544-8555

    ** SWRMC does not grant routine administrative access for non-SWRMC commercial shipyards visits.

    For access involving Ship maintenance and modernization efforts, contact the respective Shipyard Security Office.

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